Statistics and Open Records Requests

Each month an activity report is prepared by the Pittsboro Police Department and made available to the Pittsboro Town Council. This is a breakdown of the Pittsboro Police Departments activities by Officer initiation and calls received into the Hendricks County Communication Center

In accordance with the Public Information Act, Public information requests must be submitted in writing. Requests should be for documents, or other information that is already in existence.

The Pittsboro Police Department is not required to answer questions, perform legal research, or comply with a continuing requests to supply information on a periodic basis. The Pittsboro Police Department may ask for clarification of requests if it is uncertain as to what is being requested.

Some records may be exempt from disclosure and when making a request keep in mind that some information may accrue a cost to process. If the Pittsboro Police Department determines that your request will be in excess of $40, a cost estimate will be provided to you.